We can help.  With Critical Core's proprietary techniques, we can help you and your team develop location and real estate plans more quickly and easily, with better, more cost-effective solutions. 

In todayís competitive, fast-paced business environment, senior executives are demanding more from their real estate departments -- better cost control, risk management, and real estate solutions aligned with business needs, all in less time.  

At Critical Core, we've responded to these demands with new portfolio optimization approaches for corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.  Going beyond basic analysis and spreadsheets, our techniques address complex portfolio situations and strategic planning in uncertain business environments.  Our approach excels by combining the project teamís knowledge and expertise with the right tools for evaluation. 

In our work, we've found some of the greatest challenges and opportunities in situations that require a portfolio approach -- mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, metropolitan and campus occupancy plans, and back-office and contact center consolidations.  With Core Planning, our proprietary portfolio planning software, we can help you plan for and respond to changing business conditions, ensuring that your employees have the resources and work environment they need to be most productive at the lowest costs.

Some past projects illustrate the results.

  • Reduce costs.  For a financial services firm's merger plan in a major city, our solution saved an additional $16 million compared to the project team's intuitive solution, 3% of total costs, by finding better disposition opportunities while still meeting business requirements. 

  • Save time.  For a high-tech firm relocating business activities across its 40-building campus to meet new business needs, we needed just one person working a week and a half to complete the analysis that had required 6 people's time over 3 weeks. 

  • Smooth transitions.  For a financial services firm consolidating back-office locations, we reduced required lay-offs by one third and reduced total labor and real estate costs by an additional $20 million by identifying more opportunities to retrain existing workers.  

  • Build credibility.  For a corporate headquarters consolidation following a merger, the Treasurer said he had never seen the CFO and his team approve a major decision so quickly and smoothly.  The reason - we had the time and ability to prepare answers to "what-if" questions before meetings.


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